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Employee-driven events to connect your people.

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Events, workshops & challenges 

Meet Symbiose

of job seekers
e culture
is more important
than compensation.

Companies with an inclusive and empowering culture
are 2,3x times more likely to be high-performing.

Companies with high employee engagement levels outperform their competitors by
147 %.


From 2D human doings
to 3D human beings

A culture as unique as the people who shape it

Say goodbye to generic culture

Let your employees be the stars of the show! Shape your culture with your people.

Enjoy your workforce diversity, making your people feel safe to be themselves. 

Watch engagement soar, retention rates skyrocket, and your company become a magnet to attract and retain top talent!

Unlock your team's talents

Celebrate diversity, boost ownership


Powered by Victoria driven by a passion to reduce language barriers & help more people to communicate with each other 


Powered by Mike who wants to share his motivation for a healthy & balanced lifestyle with his company 


Powered by Nadia on a mission to make this world more sustainable

one coffee capsule at a time

App screenshot to showcase employees sharing their passions and skills.
App screenshot to showcase employees sharing their passions and skills.
App screenshot to showcase employees sharing their passions and skills.

Cultivate a Culture of Well-Roundedness

No pressure, just pleasure !

Watch as Marie from Marketing leads Mindful Monday Meditations, Fit Freddy from Finance challenges everyone for a 10k steps challenge and Caring Carl from Customer Service starts a companywide clothes donation for homeless people.

Unlock your superheroes' potential

Save Money, Unleash Talent!

Your employees are SO MUCH MORE than the roles they are performing at the office.

Connect your people based on interests, not department. 

Measure impact with real-time analytics

Get access to participation rates, engagement metrics, and fascinating insights that will make your data-loving heart skip a beat. It's time to show the world that culture can be both entertaining and impactful.

Boost your employee experience

The ultimate game-changer for your employee experience & culture!

We foster a workplace that celebrates diversity, sparks creativity, and cultivates unbreakable connections within your team.

Meet the symbiose behind Symbiose!

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Marketing & Tech profile

A frenchy who loves to connect & share with people from all over the globe. 

He’s the guy in charge of the tech & strategic side of Symbiose.

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Partnership associate

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Partnerships & Employee experience

A German pancake enthusiast connecting people stronger than wifi!

She’s the woman for partnerships, events and making sure the world got wind of the existence of Symbiose.

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